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This page will assist those interested in researching Minor Railways. Firstly, there is an "Appeals for Information" section and then a resource facility giving access to a Database containing over 21,200 entries to Minor Railway references in magazines, periodicals and newsletters. The most recent additions are shown in RED. Last amendment: 30th June 2019.

Appeals for Information

From time to time appeals for information about past or current Minor Railways will appear here. This may be in connection with a research project or merely an attempt to try and find out the current situation at a particular railway. Responses are very welcome and will be gratefully received. Please E-Mail to: scott.pe[at]btinternet.com or write to: Peter Scott, 93 Josephine Court, Southcote Road, Reading, RG30 2DQ.

References & Information Database

Having problems locating articles or references to specific railways, hidden away in magazines? The References & Information Database can help! The Database contains over 21,200 references to Minor Railways in a large selection of magazines, periodicals and newsletters. So you can now locate that obscure article or note you know you have read, but cannot remember where.

Searching the Database
Whilst it is not possible to search the Database online, E-Mail enquiries will be accepted and the results can be sent in a suitable format. See "How it Works" for details.

Which Railways are Included
Railways included and referenced are those that appear, or would have appeared, in Sections 2, 3 & 4 of "Minor Railways". (That is railways of gauge 7 1/4" up to [but not including] standard gauge, which are/were open to the general public and operated mainly for leisure purposes).

Description of a Typical Reference
A typical reference/entry will include the following information:
Name of Railway, Name of Magazine & Volume Number, Page Number, Type of Reference.
The last will be of the form: Article, Note, Letter, Picture.

Sources Referenced
Branch Line News (1966 to date)
Heritage Railway (May 1999 to date)+
Heywood Society Journal (October 1976 to date)+
Irish Railway News (October 1993-May 1999)+
Industrial Railway Record (November 1962 to date)+
Locomotive Magazine & Railway Carriage & Wagon Review (1923-1959)
Meccano Magazine (1930-1972)
Miniature Railway (2006 to date)+
Model Engineer (1920-1926, 1932-1963, 1965, 1969)
Model Railway News (1925-1966, 1968-1970)
Narrow Gauge Times/Railway Times (December 1975-March 1981)+
Narrow Gauge World (March 1999-October 2014)
Railway Gazette (1931)
Railway Magazine (1924 to date)
Railway Observer (1934-1959)
Railway World (1942-1976)
The Narrow Gauge (1984 to date)
+ Complete
It is hoped to add other issues/magazines in due course.

How it Works
For your chosen railway(s), simply send an E-Mail to scott[at]btinternet.com (or write if you prefer). Remember some railways have gone under a number of different names over the years, so include these and a rough location, if known. Also state how you would like the data sent: paper copy by post, Access 2000 table, Excel Spreadsheet, Word Document, pdf format etc. I aim to turn around enquiries in a few days.

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