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Three paper supplements to "Minor Railways" are issued each year in late May, early August and at the end of October. These can be obtained by a sending stamped self-addressed envelope(s) to the address at the foot of the HOME page. A pdf version is also available by e-mail request. However, below is the Online version, which is continually up dated. The most recent additions are shown in RED. Last amendment: 18th February 2018.


Lynnsport Miniature Railway, Lynnsport Leisure Centre, Kings Lynn
5"/7 1/4"    O            230yds        TF633209                            01553 764245(e)
(New line opened 30/07/17)

Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway, Cynheidre, Carmarthenshire
                 0.07        LMMR        SN493072                            01554 759255
(New line opened 03/09/17)

Mail Rail, Phoenix Place, Clerkenwell
2'                   B        1,000yds    TQ310822                            0300 0300 700
(New line opened 04/09/17)

Riverside Miniature Railway, Riverside Park, St Neots
5"/7 1/4"        E        150yds    TL179600                                01480 217037
(New line opened 16/07/17)

4 Kingdoms Adventure Park Railway, Headley, Newbury
10 1/4"          E        300yds    SU509635    [spade]                01635 269678
(New line opened 03/2016)

Kingsbridge & District Light Railway, The Quay, Kingsbridge
7 1/4"            E        260yds    SX736440                                07885 227000
(New line opened 28/05/17)

Honeybrook Railway, Honeybrook Family Farm & Riverside Park, Wimborne Minster
7 1/4"            E        250yds    SU007029    [spade]                01202 881120
(New line opened 08/04/17)

Lodge Farm Park Railway, Lodge Farm Park, Main Road, Romford
7 1/4"              B    345yds    TQ520893        [club]                Apr-Oct: 1st Sunday
(New line officially opened 17/04/17)

Statfold Barn Tramway, Tamworth, Staffordshire
3' 0"/4 8 1/2"    E    540yds    Battery        SK242065            Open days - see page 24
(New line opened 25/03/17)


26 West Clare Railway Delete entry (Normal passenger trains ceased by 2016)

29 Gwili Miniature Railway Delete entry (Line out of use - last ran 05/11/17) 

9 Aln Valley Railway Amend length to: 0.46 (Extension, along old trackbed, to Bridge 6 opened 28/12/17)

16 Bangs Galore & Gunpowder Creek Railway Amend length to: 320yds (Extension to Blue Lab North opened 02/2017)

18 Mid Hants Miniature Railway Amend length to: 370yds (Extension opened 20/10/17)

25 Electric Railway Museum Miniature Railway Delete entry (Line closed, last ran 08/10/17. Museum closed 08/10/17)

28 Edinburgh Model Engineers Delete entry (Line closed, last ran 28/12/17. Moving to new site)

15 Exmouth Express Delete entry (Line & Fun Park closed 31/08/17)

19 Richmond Farm Railway Amend layout to: C. Amend length to: 730 yds (Extensioned opened 19/08/17)

21 Pentney Light Railway Delete entry (Line closed & lifted by 16/09/17)

25 Rainsbrook Valley Railway Amend length to: 1,680yds (Extension opened 23/04/17)

27 Ballymote Miniature Railway Delete entry (Line out of use and only children under 12 carried)

32 Conwy Valley Tramway Delete entry (Line out of use)

S1 Honeybrook Railway Amend layout to: D. Amend length to: 400yds (Extensions opened 07/08/17)

6 Helston Railway Amend length to: 1.00 (Extension to Truthall Halt opened 16/03/17)

7 Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Amend length to: 12.52 (Extension towards Broadway, beyond Laverton opened 27/05/17)

9 Gwili Railway Amend length to: 4.00 (Extension to Abergwili Junction opened 02/07/17)

10 Scottish Vintage Bus Museum Amend length to: 0.18 (Correction, originally 0.12, 0.18 as of 11/06/17)

20 Evergreens Miniature Railway Delete entry (Line closed, last ran 29/07/17)

23 Taunton Model Engineers Delete entry (Line closed, last ran 08/07/17)

23 Baggeridge Miniature Railway Amend length to: 580yds (Extension opened 28/05/17)

30 Penrhyn Quarry Railway Delete entry (Line closed, last ran 24/06/17)

17 Acton Miniature Railway Amend length to: 180yds (Extension to Ealing End fully opened 22/04/17)

18 Wellington Country Park Railway Amend gauge to: 12 1/4" (Line regauged, reopened 05/04/17)

24 Stafford Model Engineers Amend layout to: C. Amend length to: 590yds (Extension complete by 03/05/15)

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